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Depack D

ASCII Hunter


Hidden Files Hunter

Dadu demo

(Made with the software DCK, Demo Construction Kit).

Sources Changer

Dadu Picture Show

SASHOW: Samples shower


Text Graphist

6 Tests pour faire le point



LU_1 convert fast a .PI1 or .PI2 file from 32034 bytes to 32066 bytes (by adding a false animation). Because "Deluxe Paint"( TM Electronic arts) can only load the .PI1 files that have a size of 32066 bytes, else it take a wrong color palette.
v1.2 ShareWare


To link together .TXT files produced by ZZ-COM (the Minitel emulator).
v1.0 Shareware


Reduce size of catalog files produced by XDIR.TTP
v1.2 Shareware


The France country is divided by about 98 parcels, each parcel is called a "department".

Regead permit to see where a "department" is in France by entering its number. You can get this number in the postal code of your French correspondent (eg: if it's postal code is 40700 then the department number is 40).

REGEAD can draw lines between departments. It permit to see the travel that do a letter, and to see where go yours letters (and softs).REGEAD works with low and high resolution, but you can only save screens under low resolution. This software is in French only.

Dadu BOOTS manipulator

- Useful to modify the KILLER.DAT virus bank produced by Omikron Killer v2.08 (antivirus).
- Permit to work with boot sector (write them to .BIN files, an write it to disk and keeping executables).
v1.0 08/92 shareware

DADU Auto Decrunch

This resident software auto decompact automatically data files packed with Pack Ice v2.1 or v2.4, Automation Packer v5, Sentry Packer. With a header as "Ice!" or "ICE!" or "AU5!" or "2tnS".
This software was coded by Eagle/Sentry (2tnS format), then I add the decrunch routines for the three other formats.
v2.12 improved 07/92 shareware

LES TRIPES DU ST, Compilation No 1

I tried to put together the demos (graphics animations) that demonstrate the different technical capacities of the Atari ST computer when used at its maximum resources. All these demos works on a single Atari 520 ST (a STe isn't necessary).

Coontaint : demos type Amiga, giant sprite, Amiga module played at 20 Khz, giant full screen scroll with sample and "hardware" scrolling, circle-text-scroller with effects and 10 Khz module, distorted texts scrolls, stars non-precalculated's with direction changes, vector balls, shade bobs, ...
v1.0 05/92 Shareware


Save the directory in an ascii file. Use the " FILES ... TO ... " instruction (GFA BASIC). 
v1.0 Freeware


A program  to set the date of the computer system when you start it. Latest date can be read from a file. Copy into AUTO folder of the disk (Atari ST computers does not have a battery to save the date).
v1.0 Freeware

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Music credits : (Leonard's Plugin) by Laurens Tummers/Synth Dream.

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