SPY3: Hello CAMEO ! First of all, could
you introduce yourself ? How many years
old are you now ? Since when are you on
the good old ST ? What are you doing in
your real life ?

CAMEO: Hi Boris , I am an active member
of THE REPLICANTS.I am 20 years old and
I got my ST in 1987.About my real life
this will be my fourth year at the

SPY3: Let's start with your childhood !
Please tell us what was your very first
crack, and tell us, also for what crew,
this one was supposed to be for.tell us
also why, and when you started cracking
games ?

CAMEO: My first crack on the ST was
TURBOCUP. Just a little single dragging
along. My first crack for a crew was
STARBLAZE. This crew was called FUZION.
At the time it was mostly for fun, and
sometimes I regret these copyparties...
After I entered REPLICANTS due to COBRA
I knew him since a long time.As I could
not get many originals, I started doing
my first file versions. The first one
was done ages ago, when I had only a
halfmeg computer with no external drive
It was GRANDPRIX 500 n2 (HOT RUBBER) on
1 disk under the name of CAMEO.And then
the saga beginned.Almost all titles who
were brought to my house were as soon
cracked, filed, packed. Have a look at

SPY3: Ok, but at the beginning, I think
you were only a coder. Tell us in which
team you started your ST life ? I think
that you released, only 1 intro for THE
So why stopping coding ? You weren't so
bad at the beginning ?

a quite good coding crew from PARIS. I
can tell you that ILLEGAL was in this
crew too ( Eh, What a small world ! ).
This is when I started coding. In fact
I didn't really stop coding, but I was
very slow and I didn't satisfy myself
with coding a common screen.
Anyway cracking takes a lot of time.
But I will certainly code something for
my next cracks. And contrary to some
people I will not rip from the AMIGA.

SPY3: On wot game do you spent the most
of time to crack it ? And, tell us also
which one(s) were the most difficult to
crack and why !

CAMEO:The protection on NO BUDDIES LAND
was quite good. It changes from the old
copylocks and other "mosquito bombs".
( The one who understands this allusion
will won 1 REPLICANTS news. )
ROBOCOP 3 was quite good too.In general
all hot titles from OCEAN are often
well protected. DELPHINE SOFTWARE can
also give little problems. Protections
of GAROFALO and DECROIX on games like
TRAUMA can discourage lazy people. No
protection ever resisted me when I
really went on it.

SPY3: Does it happen you aren't able to
crack a game ?

CAMEO: As I said no protection resisted
me when I went on it and sometimes some
of the best protection systems are
broken after a few minutes of reflexion
I find the solution for the codes in 1
evening. I know that CYNIX, ELITE and
even ICS are using my technik. There is
a difference meanwhile, CYNIX and ELITE
are honests by crediting me. It is the
price of the success !

SPY3: What about cracking the READYSOFT
games ? Only THE REPLICANTS can do it ?
What do you think of ALTAIR/ICS when he
tells everybody on minitel that he will
release a SPACE ACE II fileversion ?

CAMEO: I will certainly try doing SPACE
ACE 2 (when I'll recover the original!)
But contrary to some ones, I will not
boast on the minitel about a ghost file
version of SPACE ACE 2.It is same about
VROOM DATA DISK from ICS, another ghost

SPY3: How many games , have you cracked
or packed, since you are on ST ?
(If you can answer this question you'll
be the first one !)

CAMEO: About 400 stuff... And I go on !

SPY3: Many rumours gravitates around U,
and now, we will ask you if that's true
or not ! Let's start with the first one
is it true, that you changed your label
from NTM to CAMEO , because of pressure
from the group ZUUL ? And if that's not
true, why did you change your label NTM
for CAMEO ?
(For the young readers, NTM was the 1st

CAMEO: These are lame rumours .........
( But magazines need some ... ).In fact
all old foxes will understand I had
taken this name for fun, and that after
a while my positive side took over
again...There had been no (com)pression
from the crew ZUUL.
( People who understand will get one

SPY3: After your first fileversions , I
must say that , many guys said that you
were using the DMA file routs from FOF,
(Now SUPERIOR) was that true or what ?

CAMEO: I don't think there were so many
guys. I think that FOF certainly were
disgusted that I made all these file
versions before them with their own
routines. They lost the monopole as
everyone could use my file versions. So
jalous guys again ... They never sent
me any greetings, there is a reason !!!
Anyway, I used their routs under the
name of NTM ( a long time ago ), and at
the time none of the Replicants members
had a good routine, Maxi's crashed on
some STF and I didn't have RAL's one.
So I didn't use it long, now I have my
own routines. And I can also say that I
was the first one to link long before
FOF and the others. Just have a look in
some old FUZION menus. Do you know that
SNAKE uses my old routine ? Do you also
know that I sent my routine to your
colleague DEF KLF for him to give it to
our good old chap ZORVACK ?

SPY3: About six months ago RUTHLESS was
claiming that you were ACE from QUARTEX
ST, right or wrong ? If yes, Why ?

CAMEO: JAMES also said that R.AL and
ST WAIKIKI were in QUARTEX and that
SNAKE used a cartridge to crack.He also
told his contacts that DEF KLF from Mad
Vision was an homosexual.I can tell you
many like these ...

SPY3: In general what do U really think
about this guy ?

CAMEO: He helped me a lot getting some
originals. He also pissed me off, but
anyway he is not the only one ....

SPY3: Why making a trip in FUZION, just
before joining again THE REPLICANTS ?

CAMEO: I started cracking for FUZION
2 weeks after that WAIKIKI stopped The
Replicants ( no more originals ). As
Snake and R.AL were sleeping I did not
hesitate. FUZION has nothing more to
prove about cracking. We were the first
ones to release a version of ROBOCOP 3,
and also the linkfile version of NO
BUDDIES LAND ... I came back in the
Replicants to continue the legend with
the help of ELLFIRE, ORION and CELTIK.
And I think that we're doing well ....
But we still continue FUZION as a menu

SPY3: Some words about I.C.S, What do U
think of them ? Did they try to buy you
one day ? (If yes tell us how !)

CAMEO: It is the ST's MAFIA ( the BOSS
of the crew is italian ! ). He pays for
everything (hollidays at sea and so on)
But too bad for him good crackers can't
be bought. Their versions are most of
the time much inferiors to ours. They
can crack almost everything BUT when it
gets HARDER, better watch out for The
REPLICANTS versions.

I heard recently that VMAX has been
reformed ( ICE and ROB also called
ROBOCAMP )and that they were talking
about an association with ICS to
the VMAX family there is:

ICE ( father of ROBOCAMP,good work your
version of FIRST SAMURAI, if you could
only remove the codes,add a trainer and
make a file version ..... But we can't
ask you too much, anyway you are not so
old, I think you still have time to
progress ..... In the latest sounding,
ICE is only making crash 9 versions out
of 10.

ROBOCAMP ( ICE's son, he's the really
strong guy. He's a ten years old guy
who organizes a party each time he
cracks a game, but most of the time
these parties are annuled, because the
cracks always crash at level 2. If you
meet him on the minitel do not consider
his fucks seriously, with his microsex
he can only tickle your calf legs.

At ICS they also have a phenomene of
nature called BELGARION the dwarf.
( only 110 cm tall with his arms up ).
He also organizes a party each time he
cracks a game.He still can't understand
that there are better crackers than
him in France. He dreams of being the
number 1 in the charts and so he fucks
people each time he isn't ( You can see
how stupid he is ). He also steals the
protections sources of his friends ....
Well one more lame guy ...

They have a lot of work left to do
before they can disturb us ...

SPY3: I'll give you know, several names
of Ex. REPLICANTS crackers and I'll ask
you to try to rank them , from the best
one to the less best one. (Explain your

CAMEO: In fact I will make two groups,
one for the good ones and one for the
average ones. In the first group there
should be:
them four did some really good work.
MAXI is really good.
About the others:
EXCALIBUR is mainly a coder I think,
but at his time protections were more
KILLERSOFT didn't crack much stuff I
SCOTT mainly did easy stuff, he had the
originals next to him.
TYRELL is a big LAMER that ILLEGAL made
enter The Replicants for some obscure
reasons ( a color monitor ). ILLEGAL
taught him everything ! He didn't stay
long in the REPLICANTS. He was also in
the EMPIRE under the name of DR TRAP.
He didn't manage to release a version
100% of DARKMAN. Many of his cracks
crashed ... The shame of THE REPLICANTS
a guy you must forget ...
I this group I will also add our good
old friend DEE NASTY ( also called BUST
of ICS ). He did a few cracks in The
Replicants and then was fastly fired
because his cracks were too lame.

SPY3: Now I'll tell you some words, and
you'll have to tell us wot they inspire
to you :

The Union demo: I like this one ...

Tv programs: Avengers, CI5, IMF ...

Porn movies: Dr BUTTS.

Modem: No sorry.

Atomik packer: Trisomic packer ?

Eternal Dvpt: Cracked.

Expose software: Did they fix AUDIO

Empire: LAMERS.

Amiga: DEMOS.

TRSI: No comment.

Drugs: No comment.

Boris Becker: Friday.

Demi-John: Wet PUSSY.

KLF: Karlos Likes Fistfucking?

Jean Pierre PAPIN: Joining I.C.S ?

L'O.M:Oh GORAIN tu la fais cette partie
de boules ! (no english translation !)

SPY3: I think that it is enough . Let's
talk about other things. Are you for or
against a UNITED EUROPE ? Why ?

CAMEO: Sorry, but I am not ALIEN from

SPY3: Do U have a solution, for the big
conflict in YUGOSLAVIA ?

CAMEO: Same answer as before.

SPY3: Do you think it's normal to see a
guy like SCHWARTZY, making the campaign


SPY3: Do you like the football ? What's
your fave team ? Why ?

CAMEO: AUXERRE, always in D1.

SPY3: Back to CPU ! Do you have already
cracked games on other machines ? What
was your very first CPU ?

CAMEO: Mostly on ST. My first computer
was an ATARI 600XL.

SPY3: What is your actual hardware ? Do
you own a game system ?

CAMEO: An old 520 STF with 1 meg rams
(Thanxx Celtik), 1 external drive and a
Star LC10 color. No game system, I was
not a friend of THOR (See what I mean!)

SPY3: Do you have sometimes, phonecalls
from software companies ? Tell us what
is according to you the worst franch ST
society ?

CAMEO:Yes only one time,but I cant tell
you for what and who it was.

SPY3: What are your music tastes ? Do U
like the (Dead) KLF ?

CAMEO: All sorts of music.( KLF too ! )

SPY3: Now a zoological question : Are U
for the protection of the -last- HUMAN
CARIBOU(OW?) still living on earth ?


SPY3: Do you have a personnal message 4
this poor beast ?

CAMEO:Will he be able to understand it?

SPY3: As I'm out of questions now, I'll
ask you silly ones ! Do U have a dog ?


SPY3: Why ?

CAMEO: Catch him !

SPY3: It is better to end here no ? So,
good luck, take care and enjoy ! If you
want to greet somebody do it now !

CAMEO: Good luck to you too and MEGA
Greetings to EVERYBODY !



KLF: Could you first present yourself.
How old are you, what do you do in the band ?
What is your configuration on ST ?

DAD: Hi everybody. I'm about 20 springs old.
I do some stuffs (ex: gfx digits, musics digits),
a little bit of swap ( utilities, disk mags...).
And I also code lotsa things in GFA.

I've got a 1040 STF,monitor color,
Handy scanner with emulator mono, ST
replay 4, Ultimate ripper, Printer Star
LC 10, Hard disk 52 meg, external drive
SF, 3 joysticks, 2 Atari mices, many
books and magazines about ST, and at
last about 500 disks on ST, 100 on
Apple 2C and 50 on PC.

KLF: Is Impact your 1st band ?

DAD: Impact has existed under different names ( Bat Boys,Alien Nation )
but it was almost the same band as the current Impact.

KLF: What are the next productions or projects from Impact ?

DAD: Ayoros might release a megademo on 2 disks called: "TOWN & COUNTRY",
but at the present time, I decrease the rythme of my activities, and I'm
thinking about going on PC compatibles.

KLF: Why do you want to leave us ? Aren't you interested in the next Atari ?

DAD: I've stayed for 3 years on Apple
2C, and 5 years on ST,and I've
realized that all I learnt on ST, can't
be used for my professional life. And I
think the fight Amiga vs Atari will never
finnish, so I'm not interrested in the Falcon &
I've decided to do a high jump on PC.

KLF: Do you realize that on PC, the
demo scene sucks ?

DAD: I'm conscious, and I'm sad, and
it can be explained by their high
prices for a decent configuration on
PC. But I must learn how to use many
softwares ( AutoCAD...).

KLF: Back to the ST. What are your
favorite bands or people on ST ?

DAD: Pompey Pirates and Superior for
the quality of their menus.
Impact whose members are very cool and
Mad Vision, the megaswappers.

KLF: What kind of music do you like to
listen to ?

DAD: Metallica, and the Rollins Band
whose Guitars are dope.
PM dawn, New age music, PE #1, NTM...

KLF: Are lyrics important for you ?

DAD: I consider lyrics as an important
thing except if it Techno or House

KLF: Do you read lotsa books ?

DAD: Yes, I do. Many esoteric books,
and a pack of computers magazines.

KLF: Now, I'd like a little commentary
about this list of things ?

MINITEL: Megacool, but expensive.

1 MEG OF RAM ON ST: Indispensable, if you're not a

OVERLANDERS: A good group of demos who
gives a good image of France.

BEACH: That's cool, but there aren't
power points enough.

POLITICIANS: 99% are rotten, it might
be a vocation not a job.

FAVE TV SHOWS: Metal express, Rapline,
the Simpsons.

LAMERS: Everybody has been in the

YOUR MOTTO: Overpopulation is THE
planet problem.

KLF: As a conclusion,do you want to
say something particular or give a few
greetings ?...

DAD: "Il n'y a point de hero pour son
valet de chambre. (C.CORNUEL)"

Might be in English something like:
There is no hero for his manservant.

Greetings to all members of Impact,Exec U/Zuul, igo/DBA,
Bastards int, Penguin/AM, Mad Vizzzion, FL/Parx, Drax/TSK,
CNC, Lee/ADR, DNT crew, Otari, TAZ...



Interviewed by the independent Slayer

SLAYER: Hello Def Klf, can you present
yourself and tell us what you are doing
in the band?

DEF KLF: So, I am Def KLF, we haven't
real fixed functions in Mad Vision,I do
GFX,lame code,Amazine,swapping... well
I like to say I'm the conscience of the
band, even if it doesn't really mean
something... I have been 20 years old
last june and I'm french.

SLAYER:The codename Def Klf was used by
you & Alexis. Is it still used for both
of you?

DEF KLF: Well,in the begining of M.V,we
didn't have any codenames. We wanted 2B
anonymous, a bit like the 42 Crew was.
But everybody asked us, who did that
intros or menus or asked us who
slagged them off. So we took codenames.
Alexis lives not so far from my home,
and I don't release anything without
his approval and that's the same thing
for him. We are "complementary". So we
used the same name. At the present time
for Amazine Def KLF is only me (Cedric)
but for cracks, code or anything else,
either we don't use any name or we use
Def KLF one or even sometimes Alexis
uses his real name.

SLAYER: You are 1 of the founder of Mad
Vision, can you summarize how you set up
the band & tell us who were the founder

DEF KLF: I wrote in the last issue the
story of M.V, so that's not really
useful, I repeat the same thing. But
in 1989 we were 3 school-friends: me,
Alexis,and Fantasia-who coded most of
our 1st intros-,but he is unknow becauz
we didn't use any name at this time.
Fantasia is not active anymore because
he lives in Paris now, and he bought a
big PC.But if he can afford a Falcon he
might be back in the crew.

SLAYER: What motivated you to make game
menus,and why did you stopped on cd Y ?

DEF KLF: We began our menus to spread
cracks from Maxi of the Replicants,
then we received many encouragements,so
we decided to continue with cracks from
the Replicants.But in the begining that
was just for fun, that's why our menus
were called:A,B,C... we didn't think we
could release more than 2 or 3 menus.
I'm still amazed by our success because
the games were "hot" but most of
them, especially in the begining had
bugs. But our aim was only to write
stupid scrollers, to spread replicants-
cracks and not to have a challenge
with BBC, TMB,P.P. or any other real
menu teams.
To make menus is-like everything- very
boring after a few months. We wanted to
stop with menu Z, but summer-hollidays
were there before the menu Z. And
finally it was funny to stop with a
meny Y,because many people expected and
asked us the Z.

SLAYER: I remember that you had the pro
-ject of a disk-mag in mind since about
one year, how did the idea came to you
and were you influenced by Maggie or
other disk-mags?

DEF KLF: The idea of a disk-mag comes
of course from Maggie, I was a fan in
the beginning, but the last issues were
from my point of view a bit boring,
always the same interviews, game tests,
it was not very radical or revolution-
nary for an underground disk-mag.
I've also seen one or two amiga disk-
mags which are very more interesting
than ST one,even if I don't really know
the Amiga scene and actors.
I also like very much classic
magazines -on paper-, I read a lotsa
mag ;whereas I haven't read a single
book for more than 10 months !

SLAYER: Is it because of the Massive
Attack or is there another reason for
having released the first issue only in
June 92?

DEF KLF: I told the rest of the team
a long time ago about Amazine, but they
were not very enthusiastic. I thought I
was not able to release it alone. So no
issue, even if I was still thinking
about ideas of articles.
MAY-JUNE 92 many bands split up,or have
troubles with "authorities", we were
about to stop MV, but I & Spy 3 wanted
to do something before quitting; The
Gangster,you-Slayer- and other people
finally helped us to release the mag.

SLAYER: Speaking of the Massive Attack
which was also in project since a long
time, I have in mind the preview of the
maze on which one of the coders worked
on at the Trans Beauce 2, is the result
what you expected?

DEF KLF: To be quite straightforward
about it, we didn't expected anything
from that laby. And I thought we would
never finish & use it like many other
thing we do. We have been told by
someone it was lame. That's not very
nice, or easy to use, but as far as the
code is concerned that's an interesting
idea... I think...

SLAYER: No, I talked about the whole

DEF KLF: Well, I like it. The screens
are quite good, but we have made a few
mistakes... Rythme is missing, some
scrollers are too long, the same music
during the demo would be better, and
an "alternative-menu" would be welcome.
But as I've said we like it, we aren't
ashamed of having done it. Just I'm a
bit sad that we released it in a period
where the scene was sleeping, so no
disk-mag tested it,and it hasn't really
been spread.

SLAYER: Mad Vision has acquired a bad
reputation with many peoples because of
the wars you had with groups like the
Empire, Overlanders or guys like
Ruthless, do you have any regrets?

DEF KLF: No,we haven't. We can justify
all that we did. Our motto: " NO
COMPROMISE" is sometime a bit hard to
apply, but we have never keep a
low profile. We have always say what we
think about bands,persons or attitudes.
Sometimes brand new bands slag us off,
but we don't react even if they spread
bullstories about us. We have only
attacked very known bands, because they
didn't behave well and that many people
admired them: EMPIRE,OVR,RUTHLESS...
In fact we like fights which are lost
from the beginning.

SLAYER: You used to tag in Pau, do you
continue? What is your motivation?

DEF KLF: I almost stopped 3 months ago,
because all my friends I used to tag
with, have been arrested by police. And
because most people when they see some
tags think:"Oh again that fuckin' arabs
who get our town dirty!". Whereas I am
french,& I don't come from an under-
privileged social class. When I tag
that's not for me an aggression, but
tags play into F.N. & racialist hands.

But,sometimes,I go tagging alone, just
to show I'm still alive,but that's less
My motivations...It's a way to exist
in a "parallel world",to use an aerosol
bomb is cool -I like that-,and when you
are with your friends or alone when the
city sleeps, you are in a state of
nervous tension because of the police,
it's an exciting challenge.

SLAYER: I know that your favourite group
is the Pixies, what other groups do you
listen to?

DEF KLF: The Pixies are from America,
as American rock bands , I also
like: Dynosaur JR,Yo la tengo, Nirvana,
REM,Sonix Youth...
As rap bands, I like PE #1 , Heroes
of Hiphoprisy, Arrested D,A tribe C.Q.
I also like indy european rock: My
bloody valentine, Inspiral carpet, The
Charlatans,Planet ZEN,Boo radley's...

I also like inventive techno,and french
rap bands,like I.A.M., Suprem NTM -just
their music and their energy not their
confused lyrics-,Boo Du Con production,
,Massillia Sound System,Les Littles....

SLAYER: Do pay attention to the lyrics
of the groups you are listening to?

DEF KLF: It depends on the music.
I like Heroes of Hiphoprisy for their
lyrics, I enjoy Public enemy or rock
for the music, and the energy they give
you,most of the time I don't understand
their lyrics. But I can hate bands
for their attitudes or lyrics like
Guns n' roses.

SLAYER: You now have your Bac (equival-
-ent of the A-level in France), do you
have any idea of what you are going to
do next year?

DEF KLF: I'm going to University to
learn economy... 60 minutes before my
registration, I didn't know if I wanted
to go to learn Geography or Economy...

SLAYER: What do you think of the future
of the Atari ST?

DEF KLF: The question I ask myself at
the moment is how much can I sell my

SLAYER: I know you are intending to buy
the new Falcon 030, do you think that
Atari will release a computer without
any bugs and will not repeat the same
errors than with the STs?

DEF KLF: I'm not a fortune teller.
Whatever,the Falcon is a great machine
And I'm sure that all the 1st demos on
Falcon will have messages like FUCK OFF
AMIGA,ATARI RULES. It will be possible
to do things we can't imagine yet.
The only problem will come from my
point of view,that 4 megs and a hard
disk will be necessary.

SLAYER: Okay, I will write down some
words and you will just write down what
strikes you right away...

All that I know about them, from my
seldom experiences is that the most
understanding are national police, the
suckers are local policemen, because
they are not very intelligent, educated

Phone calls are too expensive but that
is the same thing everywhere.

TV: The opium of the people.

CLAUDIA SCHIFFER: A good old friend but
I lost his phone number.

NAOMI CAMPBELL: I used to go out with
her sister.

FAVE FOOD: I like good breads(!)(French
and mediterranean one ). French and
Italian food rule, don't bother me with
Hamburgers, that's good because it's
soft and full of sugar but it can't be
compared with good soups,cheese...

BEST CONCERT: Might be one of my first
one, I was 12, that was a french rock

BEST CP: I haven't been to so much good
CP. Best one might be one of the partiz
we did with only Mad Vision, Factory &
Impact members drinking and watching
X-movies 24 hours a day during 2 or 3
days. Transbeauce 1 was cool too, not
too much people so you could talk to
everybody, even if Pendragons was there
but it helps me to understand what
"hiprocrisy" and "cowardice" mean.

ALCOOL: I don't like alcool, I mean I
drink to party but not really for the
I don't also think being completely
drunk is cool. I like to remember what
I've done the night before.

DRUGS: I'm against all drugs even so-
called soft drugs like Shit.Not because
I think it's dangerous,but because when
you buy Shit you support a dealer, and
so if he got money he will stay in a
marginalized social group. To buy drug
generates at long term delinquency.
Moreover where the fuck do you think
Italian Maffia got its money from ?
That's because lamers buy Shit from
little dealers who buy drugs from a
bigger dealer who buy drug from people
from the Maffia who bring drug to your
country. You may laugh and say I'm a
sad guy but that's the truth.

selling at european level, but if you
are from an active band of the scene
and if it is to afford your stamps,
phone-cards and sometimes a record
or to go watching a movie that's okay.

MODEMS: Would be okay if phone calls
were less expensive.Actually a good way
to do illegal things, to have troubles
and to create disparities between bands
which has got one & others who haven't.
Moreover post-swapping is a good thing
because it let a bit more time to
software companies to sell their games.

PHONE PHREAKING: Cool, if you haven't
any troubles and if nobody must pay
your phone calls.

AUDIO TAPE TRADING: The best thing to
do to fight the expensive CD. I hate
CD because the sound is metallic, they
are expensive whereas they cost the
same price as vynil or a tape and the
sleeves are tiny.

SLAYER: Is there something you want to
add to this interview?

DEF KLF: I haven't included that inter-
view in Amazine, because to put his
interview in his disk-mag is a bit
egocentric,isn't it? I just want to say
the idea comes from Slayer, and that
I've nevertheless enjoyed VERY MUCH
answering those questions and I hope I
didn't bore you with all my "truths".

SLAYER: Def Klf, thank you for answering
my questions.



Interviewed by Def Klf/Mad Vision

KLF: Hello JACKY ! Can you present
yourself and tell us what you do in the
band ?

JACKY: I am 20 years old and working at
the moment for my informatic study. As
most people already know, I am the
coder of the group.

KLF: Is Jacky your real first name ?

JACKY: No! But I think that all the
people mustn't know that, 'cos I re-
ceived some lame phonecalls...

KLF: Can you summarize us the story of
ACF ? And tell us why you have left the
cracking scene.

JACKY: At the beginning, we were only a
band of crackers. Later, we began to
code some intros for the cracks. And
also game compils were done by us, but
during this time, I and Desire had some
problems with the police, and we start-
ed to code demos. It was the beginning
of some Intro compils and some other
I'm currently in contact with some
cracking groups. But, I must say that I
prefer coding, instead of hacking

KLF: In your last demo, TAO's music
impressed many people. Which tracker
does he use ?

JACKY: He is using his own music-
editor, it's called MAGIC SYNTH and he
is using it now since 2 years. He will
release it soon (hopefully). In my
opinion it's one of the best music-
edtior around. It has got lots of nice
features (i.e. digidrums). It will be
published by LASERSOFT. He has done
the music for the game LIN WU's
CHALLENGE one year ago (The game which
was cracked by DELIGHT with an intro
by NEXT)! I think, he will do some
musics in the next time for some compa-

KLF: In " JUST BUGGIN' " one of the
screen was a conversion from Amiga of
the german band, SANITY. Do you know
them, do they give you the source of
their screen ?

JACKY: Yes, it's a good friend of mine.
I met him on a party, and there we
started to convert the STAR WARS-scroll
from his ELYSIUM-Demo. I didn't expect-
ed it... but we managed it!! It was a
great cooperation between an AMIGA an
ST owner!

KLF: With " JUST BUGGIN' " you are now
considered by many people like one of
the 5 best coding bands. Are you happy,
did you expected such a result with

JACKY: I've never expected the reaction
about the BLOODSUCKER-Demo one year
ago. But, due to JUST BUGGIN' the
reactions were even bigger! I must say
thank you to all people who wrote those
positive letters!!

KLF: Can we expect another demo from
you, soon ?

JACKY: We're currently working on our
next demo (the last ?). It will be re-
leased around the end of the year. We
also began now to code a game.

KLF: Who is "Andrea" ?

JACKY: It was my girlfriend (I've spent
too much time for the computer). Any-
way it was a great time...

KLF: Do you dream about the Falcon ?

JACKY: See ya!

KLF: Who are your favourite bands on
the ST scene, and why ?

JACKY: My favourite groups are still
the members of the UNION. Years ago,
when I received the UNION Demo & the
CUDDLY DEMOS I was very impressed about
those pieces of megacoding. It's a
dreaming of the good old times...

KLF: Have you an advice to give to
young people who want to found a new
coding band ?

JACKY: It's a hard way. But, don't give

KLF: As for you,is it funny or childish
to slag people off on demoscrollers ?

JACKY: If some people have problems
with others, they must find an other
way to slag off, not over the computer!

KLF: Germany seems to be the country in
Europe where it has been held most of
the biggest C.P. Have you been to good
C.P ? Which one were the best and why ?

JACKY: I was on many parties held by
the ALLIANCE & BMT and I must say, that
it was quite nice there ( not the food!
Hello Dirk!). The ICC #2 by DELTA FORCE
was also very good, 'cos I met there
many of my contacts. But, I can't tell
you where the best party was held. It's
always the same...

KLF: What did you do this summer 1992 ?
Did you go anywhere ? ( or will you go
anywhere ? )

JACKY: Today, I got an invitation from
HMD (Hello SINK!), but I must say, that
I haven't got much time and money to go
on holidays... But, I remember my time
years ago: I was 3 times in France and
it was really great!

KLF: Now, a list of words; tell me what
you think about them.

JACKY: Let us see...

PC computers: Most of the people who
use them, don't know something about

NINTENDO: I don't like video games.

42 CREW: An old cracking group. Great
to know them!

AGGRESSION: Nice demo.

DISKMAGS: I read the last DNT-Paper and
I must say that it is really cool!

DEFINITION OF A LAMER: I would like to
tell you some...


HEAVY METAL: Hello Slash!

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: What a laugh!

T(RAP) #1

TELEVISION: Sometimes nice stuff, like
on MTV!

ECOLOGY: I don't think that I will
reach my 60th birthday, 'cos the world
won't excist anymore...

SCORPION (MUSIC BAND): Nice music, but
I prefer other stuff, like METALLICA

JURGEN KLINSMANN: I don't like soccer
very much (hello DESIRE!).


BMW: Why not ?

FRANCE: I've had a nice time there!!

AUSTRALIA: Koala-bears...

USA: The BBS-boards are really
fantastic, I hope that I will do my
holidays there next year.

* By the way: *
* Call the ACF WHQ-BBS... *
* +(49) 5861-8795 *

KLF: If you have a few greetings to
send... do it, now !

JACKY: Hello to: ACF, BMT, TEX, OVR,
the rest...

KLF: I really thank you, for answering
my question. Give my best regards to
DESIRE, TAO and the rest of the team.
And we are looking forward to having
your next productions.



The story so far.......

In AMAZINE .1. ,We have been obliged to
stop our interview, with Extremely Lame
of QUARTEX, because his mum was calling
him (It was time to sleep!).

Now , and beware of Jimmy's mother, we
have decided to make another interview
with him because , he is now in another
new team !

Yo Jimmy, so now QUARTEX is dead, could
you explain why to AMAZINE's readers ?
You are right guy ! QUARTEX , is really
dead now . In fact, I was the only cool
member in this team, and I was the only
productive one ! All the other were not
has good has me....
You mean , that they weren't ripping as
much games as you, that's it ?
Yeah that's it ! And That is only why I
have decided to stop QUARTEX.
Hep James ! You have forgotten to say ,
that the real AMIGA crew, QUARTEX , was
not happy at all , of you ! They were a
real legend on this cool machine, and U
were a real disgrace on your machine.
Then , I founded again AWESOME !
For only 2 days.....
Yes, Very fast, I've understand that it
would be very hard 4 me to create again
AWESOME simply because , this group was
already very famous for his lameness !
That's why, I left all my friends to do
an incredible thing !
What incredible thing super-Jimmy ?!
I have rejoined ELITE !
But You left HOTLINE 5 months ago !
I know that my attitude is really silly
but that's quite normal , coz It is not
my fault,It's genetical ! I'm silly but
that is because of my parents, I am for
nothing in this shit !
You are wrong Jimmy , According to what
I know , you are round faced , and your
mental age is near 11 or 12,but you are
not trisomical ! Then , if you are very
strange and lame, that's not genetical,
It's your fault ! Don't blame your poor
parents for that...
Ok (He starts Crying),please don't tell
what I've said to mum becoz she'll kill
me if she hear something about this !
Enough with that bullshit ! Now, let us
talk about TEKNIX of ELITE.
TEKNIX is a new crew, that I've founded
to rejoin ELITE.that was really lame to
rejoin ELITE after leaving them, only 3
months before ! But I've done it !
This time, you are right ! What is your
handle in this team ?
My handle is HURRACHE, And I'm proud of
was really cool. But at the beginnig, I
thought nobody would recognize me , but
I was wrong....
You stunk so much that nobody is able 2
forget this bad stinking smell ! That's
why everybody has recognized you boy !
Perhaps you are right !
So what is your job in ELITE now ?
At the Beginning, I've decided to give
originals but, very fast , I restarted
to crack non-protected games , like by
example : WARRIOR OF RELEYNE... I also
found, in my hundreds of ripped source
code, a disk with 3D routs, and a lame
viewer at the top and I've put this in
front of my releases.... In this text,
I was also writting sum bullshit, like
by example: MV and ICS are informers 4
APP and FAST, because I have nothing 2
write against us except this shit....
You also have now, lotsa problems with
TSTD0, because you ripped his crack of
No Buddies Land...
I haven't ripped this game ! I've just
edited the boot with MUTIL, and I put,
instead of the initial boot, something
like "CRACKED BY QUARTEX". It isn't my
first try, I've done also this on many
much more games you know.
Yes, we know....(How is it possible to
be as dork !). What are you doing now?
At the moment I'm answering to all the
answers I have got , after putting an
advert in PLAYBOY... I've got numerous
propositions from lotsa people..
That's why, you are so inactive at the
moment !



Interviewed by DEF KLF/MV

More about Sethos and his vision of
current Germany in Amazine 3, here is
his quick interview.

KLF: What is your code name and your
group ? How old are you ?

RAM: My codename is:
and I'm 20 years old.
(It's very old, eh?)

KLF: Have you been in other band(s) be-
RAM: Oh yes! From the end of 1989 to
May 1992 I was a member of
My name was RAMSES XIII.

KLF: Why have you left Xenex ?

RAM: No, I didn't "leave" XENEX,
XENEX has been dissolved!
That's a difference: XENEX is
totally dead. There was no
sense to continue. So we all
decided to end our common history
in destroying XENEX.
Everybody could go his own way,

KLF: Why such a Pharanoic name ?

RAM: OK, I never thought about it! But
sometime ago, I was very inter-
ested in the history of Egypt,
that was in 1989, when XENEX was
founded. And think about RAM-ses.
It sounds a bit like computer...
But when we (Titan & me) came to
ANIMAL MINE (weird name, too!),
there was the opportunity to chan-
ge names, so I call myself now
SETHOS, which is a pharao's name,
New year, new name, new company!

KLF: Many afrocentrist rap bands claim
Pharaoh were black. Have you got any
opinion about this ?

RAM: They really mean: SETHOS is back!
(Forget those nonsense guys!)

KLF: What is your role in the group ?

RAM: I am a coder or something like

KLF: Any project in a close future ?

RAM: I personally don't have.
But ANIMAL MINE will release a
megademo sometime or other.
And don't forget the GREAT S(T)UFF
COMPILS (actual no. is 35):
That's a kind of project, too.
What? You don't know our GREAT
It's Germany's best swapped intro-
compil series.
Contact us to get'em!

KLF: Is there any reason to code demos?
Are you very influenced by TEX like
many German bands are ?

RAM: The only reason to code those non-
sense, is to have fun!
Nothing more.
Ofcourse, every German crew is in-
fluenced by TEX, because of the
B.I.G-Demo and the UNION-Demo.
And 90% of the music used every-
where is composed by MAD MAX!
So you can surely say that not
only the German crews are influ-
enced by TEX: The WHOLE scene is

KLF: Had XeneX got an Amiga section ?

RAM: Oh, yes! XENEX had an Amiga sect.
too. CODEX 2005 was the coder/
gfxman/musicman on Amiga.
VOSSY did some Gfx too. But VOSSY
is doing nothing, now.
CODEX 2005 has done about 3 (quite
good!) megademos and many other
intros, which were never released
(and they surely will never be re-
leased!). I have all his prever-
sions on disk, so if you don't be-
lieve me, visit me and just see!
XENEX-Amiga has released some
simple intros for U.D.O, too.
Now, CODEX is a member of an Amiga
crew called BEYOND.
He has bought an PC-486 about one
month ago, too.
You see: The Amiga scene is also
losing recruits, it's not the ST

KLF: Do you think that with the Falcon
the German Atari scene will wake up ?

RAM: I am not sure, whether the FALCON
is the solution for all our probl-
ems: Don't trust ATARI!
Some words about the German scene:
There is a huge semi-professional
scene in Germany. But all these
guys are using the SM 124/125/144,
so they NEVER get in touch with
the REAL scene!
Nobody of them will ever buy a
game, because it won't run on b/w
So it's normal that game sellings
are low in Germany.
In Germany,there's a game-magazine
called POWERPLAY, which seem to be
AGAINST ATARI. So people who read
this mag, will never buy a ST!
They will NEVER get the right in-
formation about the ST and the
games which will be released for
the ST.
A quality demo-scene in Germany is
not enough.
ST-game-selling will have to rise
in Germany.
But we're all waiting for a new
beginning: ATARI FALCON

KLF: Have you got real friends and
enemies in the scene ?

RAM: I can't remember any enemy.
But real friends are:
All members of ANIMAL MINE, who're
really crazy!
All members of AURA, who're really
All members of DEMOLITION, who're
really "dead"!
JACKY and KRONOS, who're really
And a guy from MV, who's name
sounds a bit like
"K-ing of L-ow F-requencies"...

KLF: What kind of music do you like to
listen to ?

RAM: I really don't have a special kind
of music I prefer.

KLF: In Germany, from what I know most
home have cable television. MTV
influence is strong. Have you neverthe-
less German singers,bands ?

RAM: My house doesn't have cable TV, so
I never watched MTV.
We only can watch ARD, ZDF, WEST3,
RTL+, SAT 1 and the Netherland's
TV programmes 1-3.
But nevertheless, there ARE GERMAN
singers and German Bands:
and many more, but these are
well known.

KLF: Do you prefer and why ?

You can't compare them!

Dance music, because of the bass...

COKE, because it tastes better.

PCs are cheap and the Amiga is nice.
If the FALCON is crap, I'll buy a 586
which probably will be ready in Febr.
1993. I have an Amiga already. It's
nice (but also depressive) to see demos
on Amiga...

The game-scene is surely better in GB,
but the profi-scene is good in Germany
(see above). But the game-scene is
dying in Germany. So I'd like to see
the British scene in Germany too.

The Danish team IS GOOD. The German
team HAD TO LOSE. What would have
happened in Germany if we had won???
Aren't we proud enough?

Paris is nice (I visited it).
Bonn is nice, too.
But paris is overcrowded.
Bonn is smaller. That's better for
normal people.

MALORCA is German. There're are so many

THALION, because of their quality.
But OCEAN seems to be better now, than
they were before:

I don't play those games.
I prefer games like EMPIRE,because they
have more tension.
(Girls seem to like LEMMINGS more than
soccer-games. So, if you should ever
find a girl who does NOT HATE computers
you should show her LEMMINGS and not
games in LEATHERNECK-style...)

KLF: Who would you "enjoy" to be ?
( hero of movie,litterature... )

RAM: Everybody wants to be somebody
else. But most people don't re-
gistrate that they want to be an-
other one.
As everybody else, I could imagine
to be a hero or something else.
Or THE king. Or a Pharao...
(OK, forget it, pal!)

KLF: Who would you "enjoy" to be ?
( Real life )

RAM: It would be nice to be FALCONE II
to fuck up the whole Mafia.

KLF: How would you like to die ?

RAM: Never.

KLF: Who would like to have in your bed
tonight ?

RAM: She's blond. I met her in the

KLF: Who would you like to have in
front of view with a gun,
to kill him ?

RAM: Any Mafia-arsehole.

KLF: And to conclude, if you have a
special message or greetings to send
you can...

RAM: Hey you Mafia-members!
You all will go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!

(I'm sorry, all you "normal" guys
out there. But there's ONE THING
everybody will hate...)

KLF: Thanks a lot for spending a bit
of your time on my silly questions.

AAAAAAA MM MM 9999999 2222222
AAA AAA MMMMMMMMM 999 999 2 222
AAAAAAAAA MMM M MMM 99999999 2222
AAA AAA MMM MMM 999 222 2
AAA AAA MMM MMM 99999999 222222222



/ \
/ \
/ \
/ by SPY3 of Mad vision \

SPY3: Hello dear lapplander , could you
present yourself... How old are you ?
How long have you been working on ST ?
What do you do in your 'real life' ?

REDZONE: Well I am a 17 year old dude,
will be 18 in the beginning of october.
I have been working on the ST for about
(searching for my guarantee-paper...)
3 and a half year now. I am currently
studying and will start my last year
before university in the end of august!

SPY3: Could you introduce us , with all
the Syndicate members ? Coz It's quite
hard 2 know who is, isn't in your team!

REDZONE: SHiTttt... Couldn't you have
asked an easier question, like asking
me to explain Einstein's relativity
theories. Ok... Here we go:

Redzone- Grafix, Organizing, compacting
(ST and Amiga)
Mig- Coding (ST)
Beast- Music (ST(E)
Frazer- music (ST(E)
Maverick- swapping and some coding (ST)
Crionics- swapping and packing (ST)
Ricardo Da Force- packing & swap (Ami)
Antiriad- swapping (Ami)
Witchdoctor- coding or PC maggie (PC)

SPY3: You are the second generation, of
the swedish crew. At the begining there
was TCB,GHOST,SYNC.. and for the moment
you are, one of the most active team in
Sweden , what do you think of these old
legends ?

REDZONE: Well, I've liked most what all
these guys have done for the ST, but
there are some guys who is really too
arrogant and bigheaded, and still think
they are no.1, like Red Fox of Sync for
example. (the rest of Sync seem to be
ok!).. Probably the most nice guys of
this '1st generation' is Omega and the
ex-Phallanx guys. Hopefully Omega WILL
get their STE demo together!

SPY3: In Sweden,the AMIGA scene is very
big, what do U think of the AMIGA teams
nowadays ? Are they polite with the ST
teams, or do they think ST is lame ?

REDZONE: I think some of the swedish
Amiga scene guys are really lame when
they complain about us ST users, for
using such a 'lame' computer. I mean
how silly wouldn't it be if would start
to complain about all the guys who
still are stuck with their C64's. My
interrest is about computers, not
computer brands. But there is also a
lot of guys (especially the ones who
knows relatively much about 68k coding
usw., who is polite with ST and C64

SPY3: As you are not very far, from the
Denmark , do you know if, there is a ST
scene in this country? On AMIGA, I know
that the teams are numerous..

REDZONE: Hey face the facts, France is
a LOT closer to Denmark, than Sweden
is, especially the parts where I live!
But, we understand each others lingo,
so I suppose we have got a common
factor. Well there is a few (3-4)
2400 baud boards, and one HST one
kept by Viking X, a friend of Zaphod
the big dicksucker.

SPY3: As you are swedish, you may know
what the old legend like TCB,OMEGA are
doing at the moment, please tell us !

REDZONE: TCB is in my point of view
dead, coz Nick does not seem to be
interrested in coding ST anymore, and
An Cool are more interrested in booze
and women.

SPY3: Why do you started making CD's ?

REDZONE: Because we were not good
enough to do something else, this is
the uncensored truth.

SPY3: SCSI, are also very active at the
moment in Sweden, Could you tell us sum
words about your relationship ? Do you
still talk , to Ex.members of SYNDICATE
whose are now in SCSI (Zaphod for ex.)?

REDZONE: Well, our relations to SCSI
was NOT good, but they are almost dead
or what you should call a cracking
group who consist of only 2 members,
can't get calling cards, have no fast
originals etc. etc. (And besides SCSI
is no longer in Elite)
But our relation to the new group
Sector One/Elite is good, especially
with Zodiac (ex. Raton/Syndicate) and
Wtp (ex. Syndicate member).

SPY3: What about the software police in
your country , are they hunting us like
in Uk or France by example ? What about
the Swedish telecoms, they try to catch
the modem traders or not ? Sweden is a
paradise for Hackers ?

REDZONE: Software police... well there
is one actually and it has got activ8
lately, 'coz BIG software sellers have
been caught (on the AMiGA..) and some
BBS's got busted lately in example
Sweden's no.1 trader Snuskbuske of
Dual Crew, who lost equipment for over
1000 pounds, 10000FF or whatever. It
is mainly the ones who have paying
users on their boards, and softsellers
who get caught. Swedish telecom seem
not to be interrested, but the cops are
more concerned about busting people.

SPY3: You are living in Lappland, Is it
cool ? Aren't you fed up with the snow
all year long ?

REDZONE: Well, the more snow that falls
the more you sit in front of the compu!
But... we got atleast 4-5 months of a
VERY nice summer (sun 24h day etc.) and
it always use to be a couple of nice
and hot weeks each summer. The temp.
use to be between 20-30 C. Even though
in the winter there are sometimes WEEKS
with temperatures like -20 to -30 C !!!

SPY3: Who would you most like to be
stuck in an elevator for a week-end
with ?

REDZONE: Huhu.. Beast's girlfriend..
HOHOHOhahahHehehehehe.. No I dunno
really, but not any famous incredibly
beautiful moviestar. But maybe a nice
swedish (and horny) girl. Or why not
Amber Lynn, eh yek I s'pose it would
be too exhausting... No, a nice and
young swedish girlie... Hehe...
Or maybe Maiken Waxo who was stand-in
for Pip Dann in MTV a couple of weeks
ago. Drool Drool... <

SPY3: You also have sections on the PC,
but also on the AMIGA. Why ?

REDZONE: E=mc2. Nah... For fame only!
Doesn't this look impressive:


Atari - Amiga - PC

(Don't take this answer too serious)

SPY3: Honestly what machine do you like
the most ? Why ? What was your very 1st
computer ? How do you have got it ?

REDZONE: I like the hardware and the
software of the Amiga the most, but I
prefer the ST scene, and the PC user-
friendliness. All computers have their
advantages and disadvantages.
My first computer was an ABC80 made in
Sweden by a TV-Company named Luxor, now
owned by the finnish company Nokia. It
was a horrible Z80 processor based
computer which I learned a lot of basic
on. I was about 11 then, and was
already capable to code more than
ONIXUS (Emling of Deflect) is today!

SPY3: What are your music tastes ? Do U
like KLF ? Are you a Techno freak ?

REDZONE: KLF is cool. Techno suxx
(haha Beast), no but I like techno,
especially dancing to it, but I don't
really listen to techno at home or
something. Here is a fave music list...

Nirvana, Front 242, Pixies, Sisters of
Mercy, Laibach, Depeche Mode, Faith no
more, Metallica, Soundgarden, Black
Sabbath (reborn!), Thin Lizzy, Beatles,
Mud Honey, Pearl Jam, the Wonder Stuff,
Queen, Beastie Boys, De La Soul, Babes
in Toyland, Dinosaur Jr., U2, The CURE,
Public Enemy, Arrested Development,
Sonic Youth, Ugly Kid Joe etc. etc.

SPY3: REDZONE is your handle,why do you
use it ? Where does it come from ? Does
it have something to do with ex.URSS ?

REDZONE: It comes from the fact that
I have got a RED HAIR. I have got a
RED ZONE on my head.. Hihi and my mind
is RED too, I am an extreme communist.
Nah, maybe more an anarchist. But not
that really, well I am mummy's little
boy actually. And I live in a ReD
Zone too (my house is ReD!)

SPY3: Are you for a united EUROPE ?

or Unitee Europee. It is only good
for the multinational commercial
rich fucking bastard companies.
BUT I am definitely for a Europe
without borders and ONE currency.
I think the United Europe should
be people united and not Philips,
Mercedes, Du Pont etc. etc.

SPY3: Let's talk of sport now ! Are you
really a Football fanatic ? What do you
think of the french team results in the
EURO92 ? And the ENGLISH result ?

REDZONE: Well the Swedish league is
C R A P ! But there is a lot of
skilled Swedish proffesional players
abroad. I think the french team was
crap, they didn't seem to be able to
cooperate. Well english football is
wellknown in Sweden for being retarded
and boring. They are broadcasting
British first league football every
saturday, when it is season in swedish
tv and nobody, except from the ones who
are into gambling watches it.

SPY3: I know you like cyclism , What do
think of GREG LEMOND ? ( Take care I am
one of his supporter !) Are you good at
cyclism yourself ?

REDZONE: Greg Lemond is maybe my fave
bicyclist all time. I mean being able
to comeback after have been shot with
a shotgun, and even becoming better
than he was before is really incredible
even though his performance in this
years Tour de France wasn't especially
good. Steven Roche is also one of my
favourites. The bastard Fignon
(Amphetamine addict) should quit
Well I WAS good at biking as I got 5th
Norrland is the region from the VERY
top of sweden down to the city GAVLE
which is about 100km north of Stockholm
Nowadays I am only biking every now
and then just for fun and fitness.

KLF: Why do you say such a thing about
Fignon is the cleanest and the coolest
cyclist of the tour de France, and the
only one to have long hair !

SPY3: Here are now several words , tell
we what they inspire you..

MODEMS: If everyone could call for free
without no problems at all, technical
and problems from police, I would sure
like modems, but as it is now, I would
prefer a scene WITHOUT modems.


ARMY: Shit will not join the army!
(Maybe I will change my mind when the
time is in...). I will make da physical
and psychological tests in November
this year... SHitt!

ICELAND: Royal Instant Pudding.

ETERNAL: The Hotline dudes.

THALION: 'Democoder games'

RUTHLESS: Ruthless is an adjective.

FRANCE: A lame scene, especially
the bastards who call themselves
MAD VISION. They suck!!! he he he!

ONIXUS: Hitler Jugend.

TCB: Partying and booze!

UNION: ZZZZZzzzzz.. R.i.P! The
real CULT union THE UNION is
D E A D !!!!!

X MOVIES: Drool Drool, got one
in my Panasonic NV-J40 at this
very moment! Favourite porno
actor is Amber Lynn...

SOCCER: A stupid american word
for football.

FAVE MOVIES: Wayne's World, T2

FAVE FOOD: Italian food. And
Knackebrod ofcourse!

WORST MUSIC: Jazz, Italian music

TELEVISION: The drug of a nation
, but who cares! Spreading
ignorance!!! Then what is LSD,
Crack, Ecstacy, Acid etc. etc.
spreading??? Monsters!

VODKA: Puke!!! I prefer some
real nice Lapin Kulta beer!


YOU IN 10 YEARS: 28 years old. Shittt.
Probably raised a family then.

SPY3: And the final question . What do
you think the future holds for the ST
scene ? Will you buy the Falcon ?

REDZONE: Yes. And I will also buy some
beers! Well the future for the ST scene
is atleast better than for the Amiga
mf scene.

SPY3: Nothing to add ?

REDZONE: Yes! 2 added to 5 is 7!
Hahah beated you Kristiane Backer!

SPY3: Bye !

REDZONE: Ja vi hors val nagon gang,
Forresten har du kort kuken i en