It is a little update of my article in Amazine 2.
by Alpina of TPN.

Date: 20.12.92


I have to hurry because tomorrow I have to post it so let's go:

THE GERMAN ALLIANCE is not alive anymore.

ANIMAL MINE is not in The Enterprise anymore (The Enterprise is dead!).There will not be a Giga or Megademo!

D.I.D did not exist anymore. THE DETONATORS (DNS) are cool dudes! They have released many Compils called "Gfx Disks" and "Music Disks". Sorry that I have written that bull in issue 2!

THE BERLIN CHAOTS are dead!They are now runnig under the name of: BLACK BOXES and have released a cool Demo called: Ventilator.

THE GERMS is a crew from Stuttgart and they have released some nice Font and Module Compils. I heard that they organize a big Party.

In ICS are 3 members from Germany. They are: The Attaking Shark, A Cup of Tea and Skinhead.

NEW TREND has released a cool Demo. Their former name was SBF.

STAX have released their very cool Megademo called: Revolution.

The NPG Megademo is also released some month ago, the crew did not split up!!

XENEX DEMOZONE 68000 is dead. Two of them are now in Animal Mine.

Address: (last time a little bit was missing)

TPN POSTLAGERND 3280 BAD PYRMONT GERMANY See you soon in the next update!





The Icelandic scene.. What scene ? In Iceland are couple of groups. They are:

Hemoroids (Ice-Section) Flatliners (Extacy) Disney World Animal Mine (TRB) The Techno Gangsters Unsensible Software Rad Ravers

And now let's make big lines...

Hemoroids (Ice-Section)

Flatliners (Extacy) Animal Mine (TRB) The Techno Gangsters Unsensible Software

Disney World Rad Ravers

Those groups beneeth the 1st line all produce module disks and are slagging the last group(U.S.S) for being lame... I'm not going to say anything about Techno Gangsters as I haven't seen anything from them in quite some time ! Anyway... The most famous crew from Iceland ever is probably Animi Dux.. And would you be surprised if I told you that they did music disks as well ! Ok.. Let's begin to interduce the crews..


Well this group (my group) was formed many years ago in France, some of you might still remember 'The Hemosound 2'? Anyway;The Icelandic Section was formed few months ago.. A group called Royal Instant Pudding joined the megacool Hemoroids.. At that time we begin to work on a demo that we still haven't finished! Ok...The member status of Hemoroids Iceland is:

Duri-17 (Gfx & PR!) Kaos-B (Code & Gfx!) Nebbi (Hardware stuff,Megacoder) M.M.M (Music & PR!)

On to the next group then...

The Techno Gangsters

This group is one of two groups that was formed with former members of the Crack Connexion.. The Founding members were X-Static and The Problem Child (Now Phantom).. Later on some unknown guys from an unknown crew joined them..(?????) Some latest news about this crew is that X-Static and Phantom have left the scene for good... They have produced module disks,sample disks and graphics disks.. Members status unknown!!

Disney World

Well...this group here is a bit new one on the scene.. This group might have a bright future with a coder,but at the moment they haven't got one. There are 2 members in this group.. A gfx and a musician.. They're both very good doing the things they do,but like I said they despaira- tly need a coder.. A small hint guys!! Don't waste your talents on stupid module disks!! Members status Disney world is:

Pippin (Gfx & PR) Amblin (Music)

Animal Mine (TRB..-Robobitch)

Well..I don't think this fella here is a group but never the less.. He used to be a member of a group called the Mega Connexion... Which comes to a subject why there are so few groups here in Iceland. Most of them are slagged for being lame by groups that shouldn't even mention the word LAME!!! This group decided to stop when The Crack Connexion begin to slag them. Some members formed a group called the Black Knights and some just left the scene.. Then our fella here joined Animal Mine. His status in AM is Gfx and PR...

Extacy of Flatliners

Well this is the 2nd crew formed by members of The Crack Connexion.. Founding member was The Exorcist... Later on this group got more & more members.. They joined Flatliners and decided to call themselves 'Extacy' of Flatliners (???).. Members of Extacy are:

Exorcist (PR & CD's) Ozone (PR & CD's) Garfield (?????????)

Unfortunatly I don't know if there are any more members or not,but I reckon Ozone is the only active member at the moment.. Also some guys in a group with a name of a very famous cartoon park in USA have been spreading roumors that Exorcist is now an alcaholic and drug user! This is NOT! true!! Maybe they have been saying this cause he (Exorcist!) hates a certain red- haired member with a name which is very alike to a famous American basket- ball hero!

Unsensible Software

This groups is a total mistery to me.. This is the only group in Iceland with all it's members outside of the capital Of Iceland - Reykjavik... I know one member - Bui Cosmo.. And guess what... They produce module disks!!! members status unknown....

Rad Ravers

This is probably the youngest new crew here in Iceland at the moment.. It has bunch of members not doing anything at all... And guess what ? They're producing module disks.. Members status unknown...

Well that's it... There could be more crews here on the ice but I seriously doubt it! most of the St people here in Iceland are either game players or module disk makers!! I feel I'm kind of lucky that I'm not writing an article about the German or France ST scene cause it would have been far too long!!

That's all.. Look out for all Hemoroids products... Contact any Hemoroids member at:


Obviously we can't answer all your letters but we will try !


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Hi dudes, Well I don't know if you are interested by the Italian situation, but since nobody has ever written about it, then here I am. First of all, I want to tell you that Italy, is mainly a spreading country on the ST scene. I've never heard about an italian cracker on the ST, ok, this may sound strange to you, but it's because of ATARI Italy's policy: no commercials neither on TV nor on the newspaper.That is the reason why, we've a lot of AMIGA everywhere here ! The three main groups on Italy are :

H.A.C. (Hackers Associated Crew )

Born in 1988, but the two people in it are active since 1985 ! So it is by far the oldest Italian ST team.


To my knowledge It's a one member group anyway they are, day after day, more'n' more on the Mac scene. They also own a very nice bbs, the only pirate board multiline and multitasking here in Italy.

I.C.S. (international Cracking Service)

It's the newest one and may be the most known outside Italy, but not the best !

So let's go with history.... Until 1990 everything worked by mail , there were many people in the business,but the two biggest were H.A.C. and IRATA . I think HAC were the best , because we were the only group, to spread outside Italy, at that moment we had 50% of our spreading in Italy and 50% outside . Well I don't remember exactly when but, in the early 90's, Mr.Fly from ICS started using bbs import and, it was the beginning of the war !! We (H.A.C.) have had a quite bad experience with Mr.Fly but, you'll know on this subject later. Anyway, I bought my US ROBOTICS about 2 months later and I started dealing with ELITE.IRATA followed us too by buying a modem and staying on the ELITE side. I must say something important now: We don't have crackers in Italy, but we've money . Even More money than all groups in Europe together. So, after a certain period in which all da three crews were just importing and spreading we (H.A.C) and IRATA started giving some originals to ELITE (All SIMULMONDO Italian games, were from H.A.C. and many MIDI programs were from IRATA. After this we started trying to buy sum crackers and suppliers but, only Mr.Fly was able to do it , mainly because this guy didn't (And still doesn't ) pay for the phone. Paying for originals and for the phone, it was really too hard there was no more fun, just a work ! So, Mr.Fly bought ILLEGAL , a very well known member of the REPLICANTS and they started cracking a lot of games. Very often their cracks were bugged but there has been a period, in which, they had many games before ELITE. At this time we (H.A.C.) were trying to invade Europe with our spreading and it would be cool to have cracked games two weeks before ELITE would have been very cool for us. So we payed 600 dollars to Mr.Fly for 1 Month to have their cracks by modem. It was, a very clear part, of the deal that, I.C.S had to give us ALL the cracks without their POST BOX , but they didn't. Of course I phoned Mr.Fly, asking him what was happening there and he answered me that, this was ILLEGAL's fault, and, that it was not possible to have their cracks without their PO BOX. (By the way , all this after he has got my money !!) Then I asked him to send the money back since he was not respecting our deal... And guess what he answered me ? " Well, ...ehrr... It is not our policy to give money back.... You understand.... I hope...." and shit like this. Well, that is what I call an ASSHOLE !! Before all this shit, I was a friend of Mr.Fly, but, of course,I am not anymore now. More exactly, I'm his worst enemy. (note from Amazine; Don't be so sure there's many competition.)

Actually , H.A.C. and IRATA are dealing together and I.C.S. is no longer really italian. Mr.Fly pretend to be the boss, but, since the French section of I.C.S. is the one that does 99% of the work, I think that the boss is, actually one of the ex members of V-MAX, SLASH, even if he's blueboxing like hell.... It seems that ILLEGALs end hasn't been educative enough ! I don't like the rumours about ELITE and especially Sledge... Ok, they were ripping I.C.S. cracks. That's FINE at least until M.Fly will be part of it this is for the French guys:kick Mr.Fly out of I.C.S. and, your cracks will fly everywhere. I've been dealing with Sledge for ages, and he has always done what he has told me, may be he is after money but who is not? At least ya can count on his word. Don't forget that ELITE is there, since a long time and if they don't crack the professionals no other will do ! The magician is the best cracker on the ST scene... Have you ever tryed to deal with a midi protection using a dongle ? What to say more ? Just that H.A.C. was in the business, when, the ATARI ST has born and we've seen many crews leaving. But we are still here and we'll keep on staying until the ST will be alive .

Doctor Byte/ HAC October 7th, 1992


Note from the AMAZINE Team
Our point of view doesn't change, money has nothing to do with the scene.
We must fight the whole disease , and Not a part of it ! ( Mr.fly )




free and nasty violence by

DEF Kopulative Little French/Mad Vision



Some people think it means: I.talian C.ock S.uckers, but that's not true or nice,because though ICS members enjoy anal sex they don't like very much give a blowjob. I.talian C.litoris S.uckers, is also a fake name, as they have no opportunity to meet girls with their physical handicaps.

The real meaning is f-I-nan-C-ial lepro-S-y. because of their crack selling.


At the very beginning of the ST scene, swapping is not done yet by Post, or Modems, but by migratory birds,and more especially by Pelicans. and when pelicans arrived to Marseille from the north of France,R.al and Snake said: Look ! There're pelicants !

and with the very strange accent from Marseille it sounds "THE REPLICANTS", and that's why DOM, and R.al choose their mythical name.


Because their fave cartoon on TV is Dragon Ball. You don't understand ? Forget it, this is a try of English humour...


Everybody know this sad story, but it is necessary to tell it to people who are ignorant about it.

TST D0 of Vmax was still virgin when he was 20. So one morning it took a serious decision. "Things must change I must go to a protitute." And he went...

The bitch ask her a bit disguted by what she was watching:What do you want? Hmm Violation-maximum, because I'm very late about all sexual things,he said. And he has been to the bitch for more than 2 months every days.

So when he had to choose a name for his band, he thought about what he said every day, Violation-MAXimum,but it was a bit ridiculous so he choose: V-MAX.


One of the most active swapper in Sweden was called "San" and everybody hated him. So often the night he had many phone calls like this one :

-SAN ? -Yeah... -Dick head !!! beep beep beep

One day he told this to Redzone,and so Redzone wanted to call his band SAN-DICK HEAD as he hated him very much but it didn't sound very good, so he called his band: Syndicate.



A review of yet another group !!!!!!

In the early spring of 1992 I set up a group we had no contacts. I didn't even know how to assemble and I couldn't draw to save my life but we made Conspiracy a success, how does a band grow were did we make the break through's and were are we now...

Well if it wasn't for Micro Mart in the U.K we would never even of got past our first week. You see even though Ireland has groups these groups used never spread there new stuff as they described it as been "too new" lame weren't they but by sending in an advert to Micro Mart we got some really terrific contacts, all of whom are still swapping with us ( hi Charlie, Frank,Jonathan,Duncan ).

I also got addresses of groups from the menus and cracks which our contacts sent and I wrote enclosing samples of our menus (most if not all were bugged and contained ancient games ) and only one replied there name MAD VISION in fact I was not even writing to these guys but to Bastards Int, luckily Def Klf decided to write to us he sent Issueone of Amazine and 'ERIK THE VIKING' well this game really helped us because not one of our contacts had it ( or heard of it ) we wrote to ad's in Zero and in Micro Mart sending them Amazine 1 and ERIK. Well we had a practical on slaught of replies and we got our first artist and coder from this.

Well it was Amazine 2 coincdently that we made our ultimate break through the amount and qualtity of contacts we got from our article and gfx was brilliant now we are able to release two menus a week or more if we get new games. But have we done what we first set out to do which was to supply Irish st users with the newest of games, well absolutely ! on sunday ( 6th december ) we will be releasing menu 40 which is Nicky Boom, Super Seymour etc a far cry from 'ERIK' isn't it. It was always my moto in life that if your not good at something don't do it this brought me to the decision to stop at menu 40 prehaps we will go down as one of the shortest on the st !

Conspiracy no longer exist as we are uniting with another group GRAVATICS under there name. We all at Conspiracy wish all at MAD VISION well and look forward to the FALCON with you as our contacts. Also a special word of thanks to Harlequin of Pure Energy for all the help he gave to us and for making us famous by greeting us on his brill menu's...... Here's to all who knew us and those who didn't even reply to us...look to the future and the FALCON and above all stay safe.

If you want to contact us Check the Gravatics'advert

in this issue




(P) KMB / A.M

Here is a little dictionnary for all the interjection used by some people that non-english speaker could have difficulties to understand.

Each interjection will be explained and have an example to show when you can use it.

- Yo ! : To attract the attention. Yo ! here is KMB from ANIMAL MINE !

- Hi ! : To greet someone. Hi ! Penguin Hope to see you one day...

- Yep ! : to tell yes. Yep ! I am definetely bored to type.

- Phew.. : Express relief. Phew... this disk was write-protected.

- Dash / dash it ! : Express a mistake. Dash it ! I erased my disk.

- Geee.. : Good heavens ! Geee... all these stuffs in the last AMAZINE !

- Ha ! : When you have discovered something. Ha ! my disk of Virus- killers is here. (after 20 minutes of researchs)

- Boom ! : What happen you knock your computer. Boom ! ...?!&!?... Hmmm I think I will call the repairer.

- Tap ! : when you knock something. Tap ! Tap ! why is the screen entirely black ?

- Err : To show you hesitate. Err.. will I write to Penguin today or tomorrow ?

- Whizz ! : Something which go very fast Whizz ! I have thrown this disk by the window coz it was bugging.

- Slurp : Noise you make when you drink. Slurp ! I needed some coke to read the last AMAZINE entirely...

- Smack : when you kiss. Smack ! these girls of the demo are really cute.

- Splash : When you plundge in your swimming-pool / bath. Splash ! my computer needed to be washed.

- Tsk Tsk.. : To show you disagree. Tsk tsk.. this is not the good disk...

- Wow ! : To express your emotion. Wow ! The new AMAZINE is pretty good.

- Whew ! : To show your relief. Whew ! This article is almost finished.

- Grrrr.. : To show you are angry. Grrr... No disks from AMAZINE today.

- Sob : When you are sad. Sob, The last AMAZINE was bugging...

- Ow ! : To express sudden pain. Ow ! this disk is rotten.

- Ok : To show you agree. Ok, I will write a new article for AMAZINE.

- Ho ho ! : To express surprise. Ho ho ! A virus is lurking in memory.

- Hoy ! : To reprimand someone. Hoy ! Where have you put my disk of copiers

- Hey ! : To attract attention. Hey guys look at the new AMAZINE !

- Hmmmm... : To show doubt. Hmmmm... This disk is not in good state. I'm sure it will not work.

- Hurrah ! : When you are happy. Hurrah My work is finished.

- Hop ! : Express an action. Hop ! I put the disk in the driver, and I will see the last AMAZINE !

- Bang ! : What happen when you shot your monitor. Bang ! Hmmmm... Where is my score, where is my score ?

- Ssshhh.. : To make the silence. Sshhh and listen to this soundtrack from... from who ?

- Oho ! : To show satisfaction. Oho ! What a pretty girl on my screen...

- Whoa ! : To make stop a horse. Whoa ! I think I have better remove this disk from the driver.

- Ha ha : To laugh. Ha ha ! You have bought a PC !

- Huh ? : To show surprise / belief. Huh ? A new band on Atari ?

- Yeeeaahhh : To agree fervently. Yeeeaahhh.. AMAZINE is the best mag !

- Ouch ! : Express pain. Ouch ! I have had an electric shock by plunging my mouse in the water.

- Yippee ! : To express pleasure. Yippee ! I received the last AMAZINE !

- Rhaaa : To express joy. Rhaaaa... this naked woman is exciting...

- Zzzzzz... : When you sleep. Zzzzz... ..!?&!?... Huh ? I was sleeping on my computer ?

That's all !

I have probably forgotten some words, cause people invent new ones everydays. So, this article will need to be updated very soon...



The big missunderstanding !

by Coincidence of Imagina

At the 7 th to 9 th of August 1992 IMAGINA and DELTA FORCE held a party in Norway. The party was technically speaking very good. A lot of work on demos was done all around the clock. The only problem with the party was PEOPLE!!!

And only one large factor on earth was responsible for this.


What they wrote was one BIG lie. The thing is that IMAGINA and DELTA F.... NORWAY was supposed to hold the party with us, and they did.

It is a pitty that we have to pay for their BAD communication between their own group members.

If they had asked D.F norway they would have understood everything. But no, New Mode ( Sperm Load ) had to broadcast it in MAGGIE before he got the answer. If he has got it yet, I don't know.

Anyway we sent a letter to DF demanding an excuse for their BIG mistake. We haven't heard from them yet, they don't have to be so cocky even if they did make some lousy screens in the Union demo. And by the way their screen in Phaleon demo was ...HILARIOUS...

Ok, I must say one thing:


The thing is that after the party we heard a lot of rumours about that there was MANY people who was going to be there, but didn't come because of this article and a mysterious message on a lot bbs's saying: DO NOT GO TO THE IMAGINA\DELTA FORCE party. The result was that one of the "supposed to be" the greatest party ever got to be a small but nice party.

IT'S UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, this (ANGRY) Coincidence signing off.



From: Frazer and Beast of TSC To: Everyone

Once upon a time, there were two cool guys from sweden who joined a group called The Reanimators. Their function in this group were to make music, and so they did, in a certain program called Blipp-blopper. Some of the songs became released, some others did not. Time went by, and the group changed their name and became known as The Syndicate. Then one day a music collection, put together by a guy known as Mug UK, appeared. That particular collection was not so bad, as it contained lots of music made by the cool guys from sweden. But everything was not right. Many of the tunes wasn't ment to be heard by any man...

Well, i think you've got the point. Many of the songs in Mug UK's collection were not supposed to be released at all. And there was also a tune which wasn't even made by us. As you might understand, this isn't fun at all, especially when these songs have appeared on other collections like The Ultimate music demo II by PHF. We don't blame any of you, we dont't think any of you did this on purpose. But we'd really like to know who the hell spread these unreleased songs. So if Mug UK is reading this, please contact me on this adress:


and tell me who the mother-fucking bastard is!

Well, since we're already complaining, here's some faults in the previously mentioned UMD II: The tune Amazine pt 2 isn't at all made by me, I think LAP of next did that one. Another tune, into the groove is said to be made by either me or Jedi\Sector one. Well this tune is made by a Swedish guy called Excellence in art. Well PHF, I don't hate you for that, I just think the proper guys should have they deserved credits.

And to all music-lovers,please don't rip the blipp blopper- songs and use them in your productions, coz most of them are just shit (as you might hear if you listen to them).

This is the end of this message,I hope it was clear enough.

Written by Frazer and Beast from the Syndicate.



MEGA FUN III Party-Report !


by Spy 3 of MAD VISION

Place: Mouvaux in the north of France. Date: from 30/10-1 PM to 1/11-1 PM. Held by: T.S.B and N.L.C. Price: 70 frs with Cpu or 90 without.

This was the third edition of the now famous MEGA FUN parties & I think that it was the best of the three. Many guys were there, coming from France,Germany, Holland,Belgium. One more time , nobody from UK and Sweden, but, we can hope to meet them at the MEGA FUN IV in 1 year.

As I (Spy3) arrived at the party only the 31 in the morning with TITANIUM and some guys from FUZION/REPLICANTS, I can not tell you many things, about the 1st day except that, JUDGE DREED,ALTAIR and some other guys (I think that was SCOTT and SPYHUNTER but I'm not sure at all!) organized a drink contest, which have 4 result a dead:JUDGE DREED. This time JD was not painting on his computer,he was painting again toilet's walls. This was really amazing to see him.... Thanks to DOCNO for showing us the VHS of the 1st day ! During this same night,PENGUY and MC of ANIMAL MINE arrived.

The second day, as fast as he arrived ORION cracked Bunny Bricks, a lame game in about 3 mins and he explains me that his drive was too slow , and it was the reason why it has been so long to crack it. After this PENGUIN and me , started to spread all over the room AMAZINE III vote sheets, (Thanks again for the help Stephan !). Some guys, were not able to vote, because they were on AMIGA or PC. In fact in the room, there was about 50 ST or more, 6 AMIGA and 2 PC ( One was the Sergent from Bushwakers ).

During this day, everybody was fed up with IKI (Always so lame!) and his lame Japanese movies. Luckily at 7PM he came back to home. One hour later it was the turn of stranger of HMD to leave us.Too bad he could not stay longer here !

Finally only 2 guys were still missing ZX and SLAYER. Slayer of TSC, would not come because of a lack of money. But, 4 ZX that was more problematic because we called him at home and, his mother told us he took the train to France ! But we didn't know where to find him !

At 8 PM Ellfire,Orion,Jack,2 of their friends and me started taking digits of the guys in the party. Most of the pictures are in the MEGA FUN III slide, released at the end of the party . But strangely, we have lost approx. 15 pictures so, we had to take new ones...

During this, ORION and me, were quite hungry, and we decided, to search for a jam pot, to put on the pan-cakes, which were on ELLFIRE's bag. Then, we started walking in Mouvaux, looking for jam !

Very fastly we found a shop and there was, on a table , only 1 jam pot ! Like if it was waiting for us ! So, I bought it and back to the party we ate the pan cakes with jam. But there was a problem ELLFIRE and all the other were all very thirsty and they wanted fresh water !

So , ELLFIRE,ORION and their drivers, left the party, to find water. The only little problem was that it was 10:30 PM and all the shops were closed. I stayed there with JACK, and 3 hours after they were back, with bottles of fresh water. They told us, they have lost themselves in LILLE, and we believed them !

At the same time , PENGUIN,MC and all the SYNERGY guys came back to the party room with about 50 kg of french fries ! We can't still understand, how they eat so much ! After eating 40 kg, they put, all the rest in a table, mixed with sum substance like ketchup and mustard. And everybody started eating. In 5 mins the table was clean like the day before the party.

At 11:00 PM ZX was still not here but some guys decided to go to, the station in MOUSCRON were ZX should be. And very luckily they found him , walking on the road with his Hard disk. So, ZX arrived at the party ! Everybody was happy , at least all his friends (Not ZUUL...).

During the night, we finished the MF3 Demo, at the end we put to the cimetery the rest of SLAYER who has been caught by ALTAIR of ICS before his entrance in the party. But, we only found his head, one leg , and his bust . It is possible ALTAIR has eaten the 2 arms and the leg but we are not sure of it. So, that was the reason why we haven't seen him here. - THE END -

Here's a list of the groups who were at this party (and also guys):


By the way many guys thought that , the entrance price (70frs or 90frs) was too expensive but I think It was a good one because you have the right for 5 cokes, and 5 More than big'Only Tsb can do it' sandwiches. There was also , about 1000 frs of cash to win at the compo.






Introduction : This is a compilation of facts based off the information of messages from 1989 to 1991 regarding the american ST pirate scene. It is not supposed to be in Amazine but it is very interesting...

HRFH : After HRFH had become big in importing, Lulu attempted to stick her face in their business. They had known each other and were within driving distance of each other. Lulu hates Phrozen Ghost because he would not have sex with her. Then within six months Phrozen Ghost mysteriously disappeared after many angry threats by Lulu to get him busted.

Revolution : The Revolution had been around about as long as HRFH or maybe longer.They merged before Phrozen Ghost had dissappeared. When HRFH died, it was just The Revolution. They were constantly being harassed by Lulu and the ST Amigos and they pushed it so far that they sold their STs and bought Amigas.

The Big Four : After mail trading and modem trading for at least three years with The Replicants, one day, The Replicants get a call from Little Lulu. She cried and whined to The Replicants about how everybody hated her and were harassing her. She continually cried, broke down, and being the sweet-little innocent-non-credit-card-hacking-thief (YEAH RIGHT!), she sent them a 9600bd HST modem under an agreement with many strings attached. One of the strings was that they make no more contact with The Big Four and use the modem to call her BBS only. The Big Four had been very close friends with certain members of The Replicants This is in no relation to the current state of The Replicants today 1992. She continually pampered The Replicants with gifts such as blue jeans, wine, and other various things. Then the betrayal occured. The Replicants started giving fuck offs to the Big Four destroying their close relationship with an ex French-Canadian Replicant.

Nokturnal: This group basically consist of ex Big Four members. Again, this group was getting slagged by the Replicants rubbing the harassment in more. Because of this,it drove them off the ST scene.

Forest Folk : Another group that Lulu was in that she destroyed do to power struggles and her not being in charge. Robin Hood was also a member.

T.O.I. : In the beginning of T.O.I., the members consisted of The Body Electric and The Barron. They had written several doc files which you can still read on Sewer Rat doc disks. They continued to run files bbs to bbs, then The Body Electric started making friends with the higher-ups. T.O.I. was very similar to Atari Corp. with the revolving door status of many of their members. After a year of consistantly being super elite runners they made quite a few friends. They had set up a cracking force in the U.S.A. that consisted of a member of the ST- Workshop, he was known as The Phantom. Cracking various games to be hard drivable such a 7 Gates Of Jambala, Lulu found out about their source in the cracking field and bought him out with the newest software support which The Body Electric couldn't compete with because he was a 2400bd PCP user therefore completely disrupting the natural flow of their group.The Phantom a.k.a. I.C, nolonger supported T.O.I. After all this, she had the nerve to offer the T.O.I. a 4th rate compact disk crew called Electric Blue I mean come on!. That's her claim to helping T.O.I.

She also promised a modem to Fro The Ware a.k.a. The Barron but gave it to a European instead. After this, T.O.I. went on a hunt for new users. In their quest they had picked up several support bbses and HQs.In this there are BBSes that are still around now that are no longer T.O.I. : The Shire, Kraftwerk, Realm Of Chaos, Time Warp, The Outer Region, Spectra Systems, The Warehouse. The T.O.I. was reluctant to pick up a user by the name of Black Beard who had free long distance to anywhere in the world. TOI then set up ties with Derek MD, Sledge of Hotline, and Hal. After a month of this, Black Beard got a call from Lulu threatening to snitch on him to the Canadian phone company where his father worked. Then, two weeks later, no more Black Beard. The Ulrich, another T.O.I. member, with Cheops, maintained a trading level with their contacts. Three weeks later, The Body Electric no longer exists. That draws the end of T.O.I. T.O.I. had planned releases of demos, utilities, and other useful support to the Atari scene which was abolished after The Body Electric mysteriously dissappeared. The T.O.I. underground ( the second elite crossnet EVER on the Atari) then also dissappeared. T.O.I. previously set up ties with the Pompey Pirates to do a mega demo this was when T.O.I. had a killer coder by the name of Spaztic Raster who after the fall of T.O.I. was so distraught that he joined the Airforce. When The Body Electric had sent Fnet mail to PP on Lulu's board it was continuously censored and delete from her system by miss-innocent-only-a-sysop-Lulu. Of course she denies this.

The Unknown Pirates : Gandalf, sysop of Circle Of Wizards BBS in Ohio, had setup tied with Derek MD before T.O.I. They sent him a modem, and the case of the dreaded rs-232 cable controversy began. Gandalf paid for ths cable and knowing the state of Gandalf,he was not well off He was very poor. Gandalf asked Derek to pay 15 for the cable he had bought. Lulu turned this into Gandalf ripped Derek MD off.Thus ending ties with Derek MD for Gandalf and the Unknown Pirates. That was the last of the Unknown Pirates.

Two years later:

Cynix:After many months of other people finding an alternate to Lulu's mass monopoly of the ST pirate scene,a board was produced called The Outer Planes. This board was founded by The Conjurer, and Mark Anthony. They continued to build up their bbs to the top of the ST pirate scene, then they got Quattro of Cynix to support the board. After six months of the BBS being around, Lulu never called or supported the system, but when she heard ramblings of users bragging about the status of this fine American board, she logs on to check it out or take it over. She uploads an old ware, leaving info in the description saying to the effect of "I don't know what this is, call my board (phone number) to get the description" and then gets deleted. She then complains, cries and whines. We are now in the midst of this situation awaiting the outcome. Hopefully Cynix and the Outer Planes will not dissappear.

Editor's note:This message was inspired from the last incident of Lulu's intervention of other American/European pirates. She continually lies about her credibility. Hopefully the outcome of this message with open an alternate viewpoint to her current accusations & positions of where she stands in the past, present, and forever. We cannot directly prove her busting other BBSs, importers, and American ST crews, but it sure is odd that in the past after she has threatened people, that they usually disappear. Seven groups down after the ST Amigos/Lulu harassing and disrupting the nature of the pirate scene in some way. ?????????? You make up your own mind...

Disclaimer: This message is not directed at anyone else but Little Lulu.

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