Connectix Digital Radar

Keeps watch while you're away

This great software is a kind of VCR automatically activated by motion. It can use a web cam (ex: QuickCam B&W, Creative Labs WebCam 2).



Software help file

To get more details about the functions, here's the Windows HLP file. Click here to download it.


Gotcha (great software, highly recommended !)
Home Watcher


Unfortunately the software Digital Radar is not longuer maintained by Connectix (development stopped). It's now very hard to buy it from shops. I was very hard for me to find informations about it, that's why I decided to make this page.

Currently I think the best "camera radar software" is Gotcha (see links section).

The author of this page is a final user. D.D.

Page wrote on March 1999. Latest update: Nov 2001.

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