Peer2peer rescue

Last page update : 05/2018

The following are attempts to make 2000’s P2P "anonymous" file sharing softwares to work again.

Noawadays (2017) most of files sharers prefer to use (and pay for) corporations services like VPNs, and to use websites fulls of advertisements to find torrents files :( …

StealthNet (wikipedia)

- Stealthnet improved by Trinity1984b (2017), the changelog file is included : v0.8.8.0 (for windows). Source code: v0.8.8.0.
Trick : it seems that sometimes it can connect 'better' to peers if you write protect the file 'stealthnet\preferences\webcaches.xml' (176 bytes) then (re)enable 'Update Webcaches' (tab 'Settings' of Stealthnet). A C# coder would be welcome to definitively fix this issue (by preventing Stealthnet v0.8.x.x to write a zero byte webcaches.xml file when it can't connect to any servers, losing their addresses).

- A fork of StealthNet : DarkNode, coded by "MemoryLeak"  Download (2011), source code (mainly GUI improvements ?) seems lost :(  (but perhaps extractable from Sourceforge code history tab.

Kommute (wikipedia)

This software released in 2010 (v0.24) is similar to Stealthnet, but with a lower security. This is a GUI based on MUTE (embedded). It need users, its source code (C++) is on SourceForge. The original web site has closed, it is now hosted on Kommute.

Fix # 1 to do manually :
Use a text file editor to modfy the main config file (File name : kommuterc)
- Windows portable, path : kommutePortable\Data\settings\
- Linux, path : /home/yourusername/.kommute/
Replace the line « Web_Host_Cache="..." » with the following (these are online in 2017) :

Fix # 2 to do manually :
It may be necessary to change this in the .EXE with a hexadecimal editor software, in order to search for the text :
« » and replace it with « »


- Coder(s) able to upgrade MUTE v0.5.1b source code from GCC v3.4? to a recent one (because it is only compilable on Ubuntu 14.04 maximum).
Rshare source code
- DarkNode source code.
- Help from better coders.
- Coder(s) able to upgrade Stealthnet source code from Microsoft Visual studio 2008 to a recent one.

Final note

These software have very few users. If you want to get connections you must be very patient (run them for long hours, or all days if possible). If you want to get more files, share some too.

External links : softwares with more users, better privacy, but harder to setup (ie : I2P, RetroShare).

NeoLoaderThis software released in 2015 has a very interresting feature : "NeoShare" (anonymous P2P + cache). It need users, its source code (C++) is on GitHub.
Currently (22/07/2017) NeoShare seems unable to work because of a server outage (Github ticket).

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